Physical Security


Mago is powered by Microsoft Azure, the industry’s leading provider of secure computing infrastructure. Azure meets stringent security measures that include a variety of physical controls to the data centers, data privacy guarantees, and robust controls to its services. Azure has published white papers on risk and compliance and security processes. Refer to the link below or the official Microsoft Azure documentation for the certifications and third-party attestations that Azure has achieved:

Corporate Offices

Physical security: professional third-party Physical Security Provider is responsible for enforcing physical security policy and overseeing the security of our offices. Visitor and access policy: physical access to corporate facilities is restricted to authorised Mago personnel. A badge access system ensures only authorised individuals can have corporate facilities access.

Server access: access to areas containing corporate servers such as server rooms is restricted to authorised personnel via elevated roles granted through the badge access system. The lists of authorised individuals approved for physical access to corporate and production environments are reviewed at least quarterly.

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