3️⃣Post-installation checklist

  1. After every reboot, the MagoRoom account will automatically logon and will automatically launch the Mago Room application

  2. Check that the video conferencing systems and the Chrome web browser have the correct default camera and microphone

  3. It is also highly recomended to test the core features of Mago Room once:

    1. Start an instant meeting with each configured video conferencing system and test: participant invitation, camera toggle, microphone toggle, speaker volume, screen sharing

    2. Start a Wireless Screen sharing presentation (via Airplay, Miracast and Google Cast)

    3. Start a Wired Screen sharing presentation via HDMI ingest (if configured)

    4. Connect a Mago App (iOS or Android) to Mago Room via the QR code (or network discovery, if configured) and test the remote controller and the Mago Workspaces

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