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Install and configure Windows 10/11 OS

IMPORTANT: Install Mago Room on a dedicated device that matches the HW and SW requirements. It's mandatory to install Windows 10/11 as a fresh install on the target device. Support will NOT be provided/guaranteed on PCs/OPS that run other third-party software and don not match our specs. Mago Room will create a dedicated "MagoRoom" user account set to autologon. Mago Room account is a non-admin account and runs in a secure environment in order to avoid tampering and security data leakage. Admin accounts running Mago Room software are not supported.
  • Install the latest available patches (Windows 10 including .NET at least 4.8)
  • Install updated drivers & firmwares (OS / Camera, WiFi, Chipset, displays, touch controller,etc...)
  • Configure Windows 10 display(s) (Dpi, Hz, Resolution)
IMPORTANT: In case of multiple displays and controllers, set "Main display" on external displays and never set the touchscreen controller as main display.
  • Set the correct Time Zone, Time and Date
  • Configure power plan settings with the highest performance
  • Optional: In multi-display scenarios with touch displays and/or touchscreen controller, remember to configure Touch Support. Please refer to the FAQ page.
  • Keep UAC enabled on Windows 10/11