ℹ️Dec 14, 2021 | Vulnerability Statement | Log4j

Last update: Dec 14th, 2021

Re Mago is aware of the following Apache Log4j Remote Code Execution Vulnerability, also known as Logshell / Logjam:

Upon receiving reports regarding this vulnerability, Re Mago began an investigation to determine any potential impacts to our system.

At this time, Re Mago has determined that none of its systems have been compromised by this attack, and no intrusion has occurred. We have done an internal audit and scan of Mago products and our internal systems and can confirm that neither our applications nor our third-party internal systems are affected by the recently-discovered log4j vulnerability.

Mago Cloud Services are hosted on Microsoft Azure and none of them make use of Log4j. For more information visit:

Mago’s layered defense includes technologies and controls to identify and/or prevent these types of threats, including assessing vulnerabilities and applying appropriate protection and detection control updates. Re Mago continues to actively monitor and respond to this developing situation as it does with all reported vulnerabilities. Protecting our clients and their data from malicious activity is a top priority.

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