Hardware, OS and Software Requirements

Mago Room is an application that can operate on a wide range of devices as it does not require high-performance processing power.

Installing third-party software on Mago Room could impact on the performance of the entire system. It is strongly recommended to cross-check and validate the final setup before deploying to a production environment. This important step will avoid issues or running out of memory during the normal use of the system.

Certified Hardware for Mago Room

HP Elite Mini 400 G9 HP Elite Mini 600 G9 HP Elite Mini 800 G9 YEALINK MCore PC and MTouch II controller (supported Kits MVC400, MVC840, MVC860) Yealink Drivers download part1 and part2) TERRA PC-Micro 6000 i1135G7 YEALINK Meetingboard 65" and 86" LENOVO ThinkSmart One LENOVO ThinkSmart Core Kit LENOVO ThinkSmart HUB 500 LENOVO ThinkSmart HUB Gen2 HUAWEI IdeaHub B2 HUAWEI IdeaHub S HUAWEI IdeaHub Pro HUAWEI IdeaHub S2 HUAWEI IdeaHub G2 HUAWEI IdeaHub ES2 HUAWEI IdeaHub ES2 Plus HUAWEI IdeaHub B3 LG ONE:QUICK WORKS 55" All-in-one LG ONE:QUICK FLEX 43" All-in-one JUPITER PANA 34" JUPITER PANA 81" JUPITER PANA 105" NEWLINE-INTERACTIVE SDM-L Module with Gen11 CPU i5 & i7

Certified Room Touch Controllers (USB or IP) & HDMI Capture cards

Mimo Myst Capture USB My-1090CP SKU MI-MY-1090CP-G Mimo Myst Capture IP My-1090VP SKU MI-MY-1090CV Poly GC8 : Sku 2200-30780-001 LENOVO ThinkSmart Core controller LOGITECH TAP USB : Sku 939-001796 (minimum supported Firmware version 1.1.15) LOGITECH TAP WITH CAT5e KIT : Sku 939-001950 (minimum supported Firmware version 1.1.15) INOGENI 4K2USB3 : https://inogeni.com/product/4k2usb3/

Tested devices

IMPORTANT: Tested devices are not certified for Mago so performance and results cannot be guaranteed.


Alternatively we support interactive screens with OPS Windows 10/11 with the following minimum and recommended specs:

Recommended minimum specifications for OPS

  • Hardware: Intel Core i5 (11th Gen), 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD storage space

  • Network: Ethernet & Wi-Fi adapter with at least NDIS 6.3 drivers and Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 1.3 or newer

  • A Miracast-compatible graphics adapter

  • USB webcam and mic

  • Set DVMT fixed to mimimum 1GB on PC with shared memory and GPU

Display Resolutions and Refresh Rates supported by Mago Room

For a smooth writing experience, it is strongly suggested to set the refresh rate of your Video card to 60Hz or higher (please note that only one port may support this setting. Check your hardware manual if in doubt).

  • (5K) 21:9 aspect ratio 5120 x 2160

  • (4K) 3840x2160

  • (Full HD) 1920x1080

  • Support for passive/interactive, single/dual monitors (primary/extended) with optional table desk console controller.

  • Support for video wall with multi-touch frame

  • Support for projector (interactive/non-interactive)

  • Support for dual projectors (interactive/non-interactive) with edge-blending

OS Requirements

Windows 10 version supported (iOT, Ent, Pro, Edu) 20H2, 21H2, 22H2

Windows 11 Recommended OS: Windows 10 version 22H2 or Windows 11 Note: it is always recommended to update Windows to the latest public version.

User Account control on Windows system must be set (default) to "notify" level. More info on Microsoft UAC here

Local user on Windows OS created from Mago Room wizard is a must have requirement.

Mago App and Mago Controller requirements

  • iOS minimum OS version 13

  • Android minimum OS version 8.0

Software Requirements

Video Conferencing applications

Installing the supported video conferencing desktop clients is not required (e.g. MS Teams, Zoom, Webex). By default, Mago Room runs video conferencing meetings on the corresponding web apps via the Chrome browser (e.g. https://teams.microsoft.com or https://meet.google.com or https://webex.com) or via integrated SDK (e.g. Zoom SDK for Windows).

If you need features that are available in the MS Teams desktop client only, you can choose to install it and Teams meetings will run in the desktop client. When configuring MS Teams desktop client, please apply the correct settings as described here: Installing MS Teams Desktop client (Option)

Internet browser

Please make sure there are no policies set that might prevent Chrome and Chrome extensions from being installed on the Mago Room computer.

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