Google Workspace

To get started, make sure you have administrator access to Google Workspace.

Please note that only paid accounts have access to resource calendars so a personal Gmail account, unfortunately, will not work.

Go to the administrator panel in Google and select "Apps" > "Google Workspace" > "Calendar."

From there, you can add or edit existing resource calendars in Google. When you add a new resource, you can specify the type. Use something general such as “meeting room / conference room.”

Share Room and Resource Calendars

After you create a resource such as a meeting room or company car, share it with your users in Google Calendar. They can then schedule the resource by adding it to their calendar events. When users book the resource, it creates a corresponding event on the resource's calendar.

If you don't explicitly set the internal sharing option for a new resource, it inherits the default sharing option for secondary calendars in your organisation.

Share a Resource

  1. Sign in with your administrator account (with Super Admin role assigned or as a delegate) and open Google Calendar

  2. On the left, under My Calendars, find the resource. If it's not already there, add the resource

  3. Under Auto-accept invitations, choose the setting that works best for the resource:

    • Auto-accept invitations that do not conflict - The resource accepts invitations to any new event if it doesn’t have another event scheduled at the same time.

    • Automatically add all invitations to this calendar - All invitations show up on the resource's calendar even if some of them are for events that take place at the same time.

  4. Choose who you want to share the resource with:

    • If you want to share the calendar with everyone in your organisation, under Access permissions:

      1. Check the Make available for your domain box.

    • If you want to share the calendar with specific people or a Google group, under Share with specific people:

      1. Click Add People

      2. Add the email addresses of the people or groups you want to share the resource with

      3. Click Send

  5. Test that users can schedule the resource

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