Setup a room resource

1. Login to Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Go to and login with an administrator account.

2. Access Rooms & Equipment and Add a New Resource

  1. Choose "Rooms & equipment" in the "Resources" menu from the left sidebar

  2. Select "Add resource"

3. Add a New Resource

  1. Enter the required resource's Name

  2. Enter the required resource's Email

  3. Enter optional fields, such as Capacity, Location and Phone number

  4. Press "Save"

4. Check Booking Options

After the new resource has been created, press "Edit booking options"

Check that the "Auto accept meeting requests" option is selected. This will ensure the proper functioning of the Room resource

5. Set a Room Password

From the left sidebar:

  1. Select Users > Active Users

  2. Find the newly created room resource and press the key icon ("Reset password")

  1. Set a room password

  2. Check that, "Require this user to change their password when they first sign in" option is not selected

  3. Press "Reset password"

When the password has been reset, you can choose to close or to email the sign-in info to your email. In this case:

  1. Check the "Email the sign-in info to me" option

  2. Add your email or multiple emails (divided by ";")

  3. Press "Send email and close"

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