(optional) Disabling Chat in Teams accounts

It is strongly suggested to disable the chat feature for Teams accounts that are being used on Mago Room to avoid unwanted notifications or privacy issues.

Disabling the chat as outlined in this guide will cause the chat to be disabled in the Teams interface (web or desktop client) and thus prevent privacy issues in shared meeting room spaces. However, the chat function within a meeting will still be available to users, both in the case of the room joining as a guest and in the case of instant meetings where the host is the room account. See the images at the end of this guide.

Go to Microsoft Teams Admin Centre (https://admin.teams.microsoft.com/) and sign in. You will need an administrator account.

Step 1 - Create a Messaging policy

  1. Select Messaging policies from the left menu

  2. Select Add

  1. Choose a title for the Messaging policy (e.g. "Mago Room - Chat disabled")

  2. Turn the "Chat" option off

  3. Save the policy

Step 2 - Assign the meeting policy to users

You can assign a policy directly to users, either individually or in a batch (if supported by the policy type), or to a group that the users are members of (if supported by the policy type).

Assign individually

  1. Go to Users > Manage users

  2. Search for the desired user and select the user

  1. Go to the Policies tab

  2. Choose "Edit"

  1. On the right panel, select the newly created Messaging policy from the Messaging policy list

  2. Press Apply to apply the policy to the individual user

Assign in batch

  1. Go to Messaging policies

  2. Select the policy (e.g. "Mago Room - Chat disabled")

  3. Select Manage users and choose Assign users

  1. Search users - for example: yourroomname@yourcompany.org

  2. Add one or more users to the list

  3. Press Apply to assign the policy

Now, when joining a Teams meeting, the meeting chat feature will still be available. However, when you leave a meeting, the Chat menu on the left will no longer be accessible from the room account (see images).

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