Installing Mago Room on existing Room systems (MTR or Zoom room hardware)

It is your responsibility to verify the correct use of third party software licenses on your room hardware. Mago Room is not responsible for any damage or configuration not working properly or for the lack of support by hardware or software of third parties. Those who use this guide are solely responsible for any changes made to the software of their device.
Follow these steps to install Mago Room.

Format the Hard Drive and fresh install Windows OS

Before installing Mago Room, make sure that the PC is formatted and a clean Windows Enterprise is installed. There are a few ways to do this. The most common is to install Windows via a USB stick. However, you can choose your preferred or necessary method according to the environment.
As an example, follow this guide to prepare a USB Key with Windows Enterprise (10 or 11):
Then, follow this guide to boot the PC to UEFI or BIOS mode to boot the PC from the USB key:
In the setup wizard, at the "Where do you want to install windows?" step, delete all the partitions. The setup wizard will take care of creating a single, formatted partition. After that, proceed and follow the steps to install Windows.

Check and configure the display settings

Mago Room is compatible with meeting room configurations that include touch displays and meeting room console. These small-sized touchscreen monitors are usually located on the meeting room table and are connected to the meeting room’s compute device.
Before installing Mago Room, you may check and configure the display settings for touch interactive panels and table touch consoles.
Follow this guide if you are having problems with the displays, such as touch misconfiguration, primary / secondary display misconfigurations.
1) Remove display configurations from the Windows Registry
MTR manufacturers may have set a registry key to set the MTR's small display as the primary. You must remove this key to prevent the system from setting the small monitor as primary on every reboot. The registry key is located in:
For Lenovo ThinkCenter Hub / ThinkSmart devices
Open the Windows Registry and navigate to:
Delete all strings related to "Lenovo ThinkSmartAuxDisplayConfigApp" or similar (some examples are: "AuxDisplayConfig", "PrimaryDisplayApp", "RotationApp".
For Poly MTR
Open the Windows Registry and navigate to:
Delete the string: ULCCPrimary Value: "c:\Rigel\oem\polydisplaymanager.exe"
2) Set the same DPI on all connected displays
It is very important to set the same dpi on each connected display. The small display must have a lower resolution than the large display. While the meeting room console is connected, in the Windows main room system go to Settings > System > Display to show the display panel settings.
3) Install Mago Room and check the Display Settings
Download and install Mago Room. At the "Display" step of the installation process, check that the displays are correctly recognized and configured, then run the Touch Calibration process by clicking "Calibrate Touch" button to make sure all the touch displays are configured properly. Mago Room will then learn and keep the right configuration.