MS Teams best practices

This guide explains how to have the best user experience using Microsoft Teams in joining a scheduled meeting or starting an instant meeting.

Option 1 (Default): Mago Room automatically installs Google Chrome as default browser and join Teams meetings via web browser (default option).

Option 2: Optionally, you can download the latest version of Microsoft Teams desktop for Windows 10, install Microsoft Teams and authenticate with the Teams account you dedicated to the room (in case of MS365 Room Calendar, use the same room resource account with a valid Teams license).

Teams Desktop optimization (suggested for better experience and performance)

Apply the following settings

After installing the MS Teams desktop client, validate the configuration by creating an instant meeting and leaving the meeting. Stay alert when you leave the meeting and if you see that the Teams Desktop client is still running, click or tap the little Teams popup and then check the "Don't show again" checkbox. This way, from the next meeting, Teams will close correctly.

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