Valarea v4.0 (May 25, 2022)

The Valarea v4 release comes with some exciting things for you to get your hands on, including a brand new look for our Valarea Room, mobile apps, and new features for better presenting contents

Valarea Room

New UI launcher

Totally redesigned and improved UI/UX overall, now more intuitive and useful.

Optimised Recap and import of offline session with QR code

It's now possible to start a whiteboard local session and import into Valarea Cloud/On-prem server by scanning QR code ad the end of the session

Sending whiteboard pages by email

It's now posssible during a whiteboard session to send a single page by email as JPEG attachment, directly from page management inside whiteaboard.

Special UI for supporting Jupiter Pana 21:9 displays

Added setting for adapting the UI for 21:9 widscreen displays.

Optimization for legacy VC - Instant meeting support

Optimised experience with MS Teams Desktop client, Zoom, Webex, Google meet

Valarea Apps

New UI/UX with Valarea App v4

Polished UI/UX now workspace centric experience.

Import MS files into workspace from onedrive

Linking your onedrive/office365 account is now possible to import MS office documents from the Valarea Mobile Apps

Mixed Reality and 3D objects support

All the plaform, including iOS and Android, now support GLB/3D files and mixed reality feature

Buil-in VC now support screen sharing

All the platform including mobile Apps are now supporting screenshare feature.

Valarea Cast

Presenting contents idependently of the Internet network. Just connect to Valarea room by scanning QR code and select your file from Onedrive and press present.

Valarea Admin console

New polished UI for the console