Valarea v3.7 (Dec 15, 2021)

Valarea Room

  • Added "Leave meeting" feature. Users can now decide whether to Leave or End a meeting.
    • "Leave" meeting will keep the event scheduled and the room reserved
    • "End" meeting will end the event at the current time, so that it will no longer be visible in the calendar. The room will be freed (if booked)

Room Touch Console

  • The Task Switcher is now faster and now enables switching apps with a single tap
  • HDMI ingest has been optimized
    • Connecting / disconnecting an HDMI cable will automatic share / close the video stream on the Room display
    • During a video call, connecting an HDMI cable will automatically activate the screen sharing feature of the video conferencing client (supported clients: Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet and GoToMeeting)
    • Support for audio stream
  • Added support for Join with ID and password of Zoom and Google Meet meetings
  • Users can now search and add participants when starting an instant meeting
  • Users can now answer incoming Room calls with Teams and Zoom by tapping a pop-up on the Console display
  • The UI and User Experience in dual screen scenarios have been optimized

Valarea App (iOS / Android)

  • Added Sign-in / Sign up with Microsoft 365, Apple or Google accounts (via OAuth)