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The requirements to install and configure Mago Room Essential are as follows

Hardware and software requirements

  • Mago Certified IoT device for Mago Room Essential (e.g. MeLE Fanless mini PC)
  • Passive display with
    • An HDMI 2.0+ cable
    • Keyboard and mouse (for manual configuration)
  • or Interactive display with
    • An HDMI 2.0+ cable
    • A USB-C or USB-A cable (for touch control)
    • Keyboard and mouse (for manual configuration), optional
  • License key for Mago Room Essential
  • Ethernet or WiFi internet connection
  • WiFi information for users / guests (WiFi SSID and Key), if available
  • Brand logo (.png format recommended) and custom background images (3840x2160 4k resolution, .png format recommended), if available

Network requirements

  • Firewall, Port and Port Forwarding network configuration for Miracast, AirPlay and Google Cast. See details here: Wireless Display
  • FQDN list to be allowed or whitelisted. See details here: Network requirements