First configuration

Follow these steps to run the first configuration wizard of Mago Room Essential

Automatic login

Turn on Mago Room Essential for the first time and wait for the system to boot.

Mago Room Essential starts and logs in automatically with the default local Windows user named "Admin".

The password for the default "Admin" user is "mre" (without quotes).

After the login, the Configuration Wizard opens automatically.

Windows settings and updates

Before completing the configuration wizard, make sure you set the correct language, keyboard, date and time according to your preferences via Windows Settings.

Also, make sure all the latest Windows updates are installed correctly.

Configuration wizard

Now you can complete the first configuration wizard. Follow these steps.


Choose your preferred language. Press Next.


Read and accept the EULA. Press Next.


Make sure an Internet connection is available. If not, check the Ethernet cable / interface or set up a WiFi connection via the Windows network settings. Press Next.


Insert your Mago Room Essential software license key and press "Activate". If the license activates correctly, press Next to continue. Otherwise, double check your license key, ask your reseller or ask for support here: Support


Double check the display configuration here. If your display is passive, check the "Passive display mode" option. If you need to make changes, tap "Open display settings" to access Windows display settings. Press Next.

Local User

Mago Room Essential requires a dedicated local user to run. In this step, you can choose a name and password (optional) for the Mago Room user. The default values are user MagoRoom with no password.

Whatever username and password is chosen, Mago Room Essential will automatically log in to that user the next time you restart. You will never have to manually enter your password to log in when you start the device.

The dedicated local user allows you to maximize security, thanks to the Least-privileged users (LPUs) settings and the Kiosk mode which is automatically set during the first configuration. Kiosk mode inhibits users from accessing the file system, the advanced Windows functions and shortcuts, only allowing access to the Mago Room Essential application.


In this step, you can:

  • Set a display name for this device.

The Room name appears when users screen share via Miracast, AirPlay, Google Cast and when they connect via the Mago Workspace app.

  • Set a custom logo and one or more custom backgrounds.

  • Set the WiFi information to be displayed for users and guests.

A properly set WiFi is required for AirPlay and Google Cast to work. See Network requirementsfor more details.

Save and restart

After completing the wizard, you can Save and restart. Mago Room Essential will automatically log into the newly created local user and run the software.

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